Why Choose Signal®

At Signal®, the ‘Why’ is embedded in our commitment to redefining safety standards.

Our commitment extends beyond safety-it encompasses innovative design and sustainability. Signal stands out by not only providing top-tier protection but also pioneering a carbon-neutral production process.

With a focus on innovation and a dedication to safeguarding both users and the environment, Signal emerges as a trusted partner for superior PPE solutions that prioritise people, ensure robust protection, and champion environmental responsibility.

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Our Carbon Neutral

Design to challenge, Made to last

At Signal®, our focus lies in manufacturing excellence. We meticulously craft high-performance fabrics, ensuring precision and care in every garment.

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PPE management made simple

Our PPE management platform gives you unrivalled capabilities for ordering, controlling and
managing your PPE. Designed to meet your precise needs, it offers flexible configuration
options and has been proven to reduce spend.